The time has come when the original Age group general uniform will be more than useful for those who preserved their own. The Eghogho festival is packaged to fuse tradition with modernity as such we shall be collecting the original traditional attires of each age-groups and creating a masterpiece from these attires to symbolize the originality of each age-group and as a mark of peaceful co-existence between the age-groups that make up the fabric of the Auchi society irrespective of class.

Some proposed activities at the coming maiden edition

  •  Street carnival-like parades by age groups (sons and daughters) the night preceding Sallah day (sallah eve) with demonstration of activities that makes  Auchi culture unique
  • Each age-group to adorn a uniform, but different colours/styles of clothes on the day of the festival
  • Entertaining dances (procession) from each age-group as they are introduced into the square to display their uniqueness
  • Age grades according to year of initiation to parade before the Otaru and elders of the Auchi Kingdom to felicitate with them and express their un-fettered commitment to the kingdom
  • Each age-group to develop and showcase what defines them as an age-group in Auchi kingdom. This may be showcased in the history for their name, the events culminating to their naming by the Otaru, the meaning of their name and how all these make them special amongst the different age groups in Auchi Kingdom
  • Each age-group to appoint a representative to engage in the competition activity such as eating from a hot pot of cooking yams or porridge, showcase of talent etc
  • All age-group to partake in the tradition of eating coconut, corn and groundnut as the traditional foods for age-groups in Auchi
  • Members of any age-group who is able to provide the original complete sets of clothes and photographs for their age-group during their initiation will be entered into a draw to win prices
  • Each age-group, especially the younger age-groups to come up with ideas that fuses ancient and modern traditions of Auchi in terms of fashion, dances, talent displays etc
  • Each age-group to develop a theme/identity in the form of greetings, salutation, song, emblem/logo etc to be the exclusive preserve only to the particular age-group
  • Age groups to compete in incantation in idioms or parables about the strength and uniqueness of their age group in Auchi language
  • The younger age group to perform thug of war, swimming competition, historical and cultural competition in local knowledge and attach a price to the winning age-group etc
  • Establish an elite (tink-tank) group, which comprises of a member each from each age-group which will be tasked with the responsibility of attracting development using their personal resources, professional achievements and societal recognition to the Auchi Kingdom